With outside temperatures hovering right around a thousand degrees and dehydration being a serious concern for anyone spending the weekend outside, it seems fitting to write about dehydrating food.  We’re learning and practicing various forms of food preservation, with emphasis on things we can use if for some reason we don’t have electricity or can’t use the freezers.  The simplest method is dehydrating.

We picked up an extra cantaloupe at Wal-Mart today as an experiment.  Watermelon dehydrates into something quite like candy.  Hopefully cantaloupe will work as well.

This is a mix of lemon juice and a little honey.  We learned after using the last of our lemon juice that 3 vitamin C tablets dissolved in a quart of water works as a substitution.  As certain fruits dry, they lose vitamin C.  This is what causes the browning of apples and bananas when they’re exposed to air.  By soaking them for a few minutes in the lemon juice mixture, we add vitamin C to compensate for what they’re about to lose.  The honey or sugar is added to take the edge off the lemony taste.

Soaking the banana slices.  They’re sliced between an eighth and a quarter of an inch thick.  You’ll see different recommendations for thickness from different people.

A rack of banana slices with cantaloupe underneath.

I had a rack and a half still empty so I sliced a couple of apples and put them on.  We’re also dehydrating cucumbers this time.  With a little salt sprinkled on them, they’re a lot like potato chips.


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