Cloth Diapering

When Bella was about one year old, my husband and I decided to begin cloth diapering. We had figured that were spending at least $75 each month on diapers. If we bought two twelve-packs of Gerber pre-fold diapers and five two-packs of plastic pants, we would pay about $50. The diapers would pay for themselves in under a month’s time, and they would be much better for Bella and our earth. Win-win, right?

Crinkly sounding plastic pants

I hated them. She leaked. And she leaked. And she leaked. I found a solution: Buy flat diapers, cut them in half, and put them inside the pre-folds. That worked much better. Things were going well. Once in a while we would have a leaky diaper, but even that wasn’t as often as the disposables leaked. We were saving money. It was great!

Then I found out I was pregnant. Have you ever changed then rinsed a dirty cloth diaper when pregnant? Yuck! The cloth diapers were ignored for most of my pregnancy, putting us back at spending about $75 a month for diapers. I resolved, then and there, that I would buy the nice cloth diapers. I researched. I read reviews. And finally decided on all-in-one, one size cloth diapers. No more pins! No more plastic pants! It sounded perfect to me. I bought one diaper on E-bay (from China) to try on Bella. I was like a child at Christmas when I got it in the mail! I washed it right away, dried it, slapped it on her, and waited. And waited. And waited.  (Have you ever noticed that babies tend to pee right when you don’t want them to? And when you do, they won’t?) Finally, we realized it was wet.  And she hadn’t leaked. I felt like dancing!

Now I'm in the twenty-first century with my diapers!

From that point on, I became obsessed with buying diapers as cheap as I could. I bought about thirty diapers for an average of $3.50 each (shipping included!) over the course of three months. I bought some alone; I got some in a set. I have four different brands and definitely prefer some brands over others, but they all work the same.

As you can see, there's some variation between the four brands.

I’m thrilled with my diapers! They take more time than disposable, yes, but they’ve already paid for themselves. At this point, I’m saving money like crazy. And there’s something so sweet about seeing cloth diapers blowing in the breeze on the clothesline…


2 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering”

  1. This post is adorable! I am not pregnant (or trying), but as a crazy person I’ve been planning and researching everything about babies and raising them without impacting the environment as much as possible.

    After reading countless reviews and blogs, I’ve decided I’m going to try the all in one cloth diapers with the soaker inserts when (if) I ever become with child – haha Good to know they have your stamp of approval as well!

    I love that photo of them blowing in the wind! Stellar.

    1. Thanks. 🙂 We are in love with these diapers; I haven’t had a “hate this!” moment yet. (And I don’t think I will.)

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