Make Your Own Cloth Baby Wipes

In addition to cloth diapers, I also use cloth wipes. Instead of buying wipes or baby wash cloths, I bought 2 yards of flannel fabric and made my own.

If I had bought wash cloths, I would have paid about $3 for 6. Instead, I paid $5 per yard of fabric. I cut 26 wipes from each yard of fabric and I still have fabric left. Definitely a money-saver!

(If  already have cloth wipes, read my post on how to fold them so they “pop up” out of the container. I also have a favorite wipe solution mix!)

Start by pre-washing your fabric. ALWAYS pre-wash. If you don’t, you may end up with wipes that are much smaller than you wanted them. Iron out any large wrinkles.

I cut my cloths 6 1/2″ x 7″.  I was aiming for a wipe that would fit inside of my wipes container when folded in half. Looking back, I really should have made them square for easier folding. I would suggest 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″.

Also, if you do any sewing at all, I suggest buying a cutting mat, a clear plastic ruler (the longer the better!), and a rotary cutter. These saved me SO much time cutting.

I cut 7″ strips of fabric, then cut each strip into 6 1/2″ pieces. I also used two different patterns of fabric; just for fun, no real reason. 🙂

I still haven’t serged the edges of my wipes. I’ve had some unraveling, but not as bad as other fabrics. In fact, if I cut the threads off, they seem to stop unraveling.

Will you make your own wipes?

One thought on “Make Your Own Cloth Baby Wipes”

  1. Oh you’re amazing!

    Creative, money saving and environmentally friendly! I would have never thought to do this. ❤

    Thank you for the well written and very helpful post! 🙂

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