Folding Pop-Up Cloth Wipes

While using my cloth wipes, I realized they were sticking to each other. I had been folding each cloth in half, then adding it to a stack of wipes. It was very annoying to have to use two hands to get a wipe out of the container every time I needed one. I don’t always have two free hands.

So I started messing with folding the wipes until I came up with a way to make them “pop” out of the wipes container the same way the store-bought wipes do.

It’s very simple, and now I can pull a wipe out with one hand!

(If you haven’t made your own wipes before, read my post on how to cut your own from flannel fabric! I also have a favorite wipe solution mix!)

Step One: lay out a wipe wrong side up. (Wipe #1)

Step Two: place another wipe (Wipe #2, also wrong side up) on top of the first, covering half of Wipe #1  with Wipe #2.

Step Three: Fold the Wipe #1 over the top of Wipe #2. It will only cover half of Wipe #2.

Step Four: Place a new cloth wipe (Wipe #3, wrong side up) over the wipe that you just folded (Wipe #1).

Step Five: Fold over the cloth #2 onto the top of the new wipe.

The folding is very simple; I can do it quickly. When you’ve folded all of your wipes, they will look like this from both sides:

When you pull a wipe from your wipes container, the one you are pulling out will stick to the one under it and pull it out, too.

I’m very happy with my cloth wipes. They stay soft, and don’t stain very easily. If I don’t fold them in this accordion-style, they stick together when I try to grab one, and that really complicates things! I just throw the wipes in the diaper pail with my diapers after they’ve been used. I don’t dry them in the dryer or on the clothesline; instead, I fold them while they are wet.


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