Oh, the things I allow in my house!

Yesterday Danny found a snake. It was stretched out on our basement doors when we arrived home from taking a walk.

Not just a little snake, though; it’s a big black snake.

He wanted to keep it. I didn’t like that idea.

But when I have three kids (Danny, Bella, and Tank) looking at me with pleading eyes, it’s hard to say “no.”

Bella:  “Oh! It has chicken inside for us also!” Yeah… I don’t think so.

It’s currently living in an aquarium my living room.  I think I am a very tolerant wife and mother. Wouldn’t you agree?


3 thoughts on “Oh, the things I allow in my house!”

    1. They are, and we also have a board on top of the wire for extra security. I’m planning to build a better enclosure for it in the near future.

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