I’ll stop procrastinating tomorrow!

I just got back from the rioting in London.  I was as confused as the next person about why we were rioting, but the chance for some “opportunistic looting” couldn’t be passed up.  The irony is that all those TVs I brought back can’t be plugged into receptacles here without an adapter.

Okay, so the real reason for the lag in posting isn’t anything so dramatic.  In reality I’ve been busy, lazy, and procrastinating.  Nothing has jumped out at me as an urgent topic to blog about, even now, so I’m just going to write now about what I’m going to write later.

Mr. Zacharias has requested a post on Algebra.  I’m not sure why he thinks we should do that since our blog isn’t closely linked to math, or academics in general.  Nonetheless, we like to keep our readers happy so I’ll start working on post about wind turbine theory.

I’m also planning some basic skill how-to’s on knife sharpening and…  well, I’m not sure what else.  Stay tuned, I’ll post something, someday.  Until then, look at these pictures of puppies and kittens.


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