Whole Foods and Your Health, Part 3: Preservatives

If you haven’t read part 1 (Biblical Aspect), part 2 (Physical Perspective: MSG), and “What Are Whole Foods?”, you should do so before reading this!

I. Biblical Aspect
II. Physical Perspective
       A. Additives
             1. MSG
             2. Preservatives
                 a. BHA and BHT
                 b. Aluminum
                 c. Nitrates and Nitrites

A group of additives you should know about are preservatives. I’ve only touched on this topic in this post. There are many more preservatives – both good and bad – that I will write about later. As a general rule, any artificial preservative is bad. 

BHA and BHT are not good news. In some countries, they are banned. America, sadly enough, is not one of those. The side effects of BHT and/or BHA are as follows: hives, hay fever, headache, wheezing, fatigue, asthma, and hormone disruption. It also affects kidneys, thyroid, stomach, and reproduction.  It is toxic to the endocrine, respiratory, and  gastrointestinal systems; liver,  and skin.  It is an animal carcinogen. Yes, that’s right: it is KNOWN to cause cancer in lab rats.

Aluminum is another preservative to avoid. You’ve probably heard that it has been linked to Alzheimer’s– this is true. It is on the National Institutes of Health’s Hazardous Substance Database.

What about nitrates and nitrites? Those have begun to be spotlighted as dangerous. They are added to meats to preserve meat color.  Old red meat gets brown and ugly; you wouldn’t really want to eat it after seeing it. Nitrates and nitrites keep it red.  Dizziness,  headaches, vomiting, migraines, and nausea are side effects of nitrates and nitrites. It also causes cardiovascular and respiratory toxicity.

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