Everything and the kitchen sink, too!

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, especially at the sink. I have a dishwasher, but haven’t always been pleased with how it cleans. With as much cooking as I do, I end up washing billions of dishes. Since I’m washing so much, I’m slightly picky about my kitchen sink.

My sink is below a double window. Sadly, I don’t get to look out on Bella playing. Instead, I can see two neighbors’ back yards. Still more enjoyable than a wall in front of me.

My kitchen is currently in a red and black theme with splashes of green and yellow. I say currently because it is always subject to change. I am really interested in doing a white and black scheme someday.

My dish cloths are hand crocheted by my mom. I LOVE knitted and crocheted dish cloths… but I, unfortunately, can’t knit or crochet. My mom was kind enough to make me four. I have three red and one red and cream. In my opinion, crocheted/knitted dish cloths clean better than thin cheap fabric ones.

Other things that I heavily rely on when washing dishes are steel wool, a toothbrush, a long-handled paintbrush, scrapers, and a hand brush.

The toothbrush is excellent for scrubbing intricate things like the slicer’s gears, the inside of mason jar lids, dehydrator trays. The hand brush works best for pots and pans, cookie sheets, and even cleaning up the sink and counters. The paint brush reaches the hard-reach bottoms of bottles, both baby and stainless steel. The scrapers, I think, are obvious. I use them to scrape off stuck-on foods.

The steel wool that I prefer is coated with copper. It’s much easier on my hands, and doesn’t fragment the way regular steel wool does. I use it to clean up my stainless steel pans. I keep all of these things in a cheerful yellow planter.

Danny bought me the dish drainer as a Christmas/Anniversary present two years ago.We had looked at it in Costco, but decided it was too much to pay right then. (We were buying my pots and pans – also a present – that day.) We went from Costco to a store similar to Big Lots. Guess what they had? The dish drainer that I wanted! It cost us less than Costco’s, too.

It is a KitchenAid. I love it! The silverware attachment can be put on either side of the drainer, and the bottom turns to accommodate either side of the sink. The toothbrush is really handy when I clean the dish drainer. We have very hard water that likes to leave behind presents for us.

I use Method soaps. For my dishes, I use Method Dish Soap in Clementine scent. I’m very impressed with this soap. Even with my hard water, one squirt suds right up in the sink. It cleans well, it doesn’t have a nasty fake chemically scent, and it’s natural. A real winner.

 I also have a hand soap for my kitchen. It’s Method Kitchen Hand Wash in lemongrass scent. I don’t know what I would do without this soap. It truly does get rid of the garlic and onion smells. To me, it’s a must-have.The last thing that I always have at my sink is a dish pan. I always though dish pans were for putting under desks in school. But I’ve found that a dish pan in my sink saves me time. All of the dirty dishes go into the dish pan. Plates go together, bowls get stacked together, utensils get piled together, etc. Then, when it’s time to wash dishes, I simply lift the dish pan out of the sink and Ta-Da! I have an empty sink with dishes already put in order and ready to go. This also keeps my counters clean. If someone unexpectedly arrives, the dish pan can be thrown into the oven for an instant “clean kitchen” look. If I need the sink to do something, the dish pan is pulled out quickly to give me a sink. My dish pan is something I would write a poem about if I were a poet. I love my dish pan.

Now that I’m permanently labeled as “crazy dish pan lady,” I have to ask:  do you have a kitchen sink addiction?


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