Squeaky Baby Mice

Late Monday evening, Danny decided to go mouse hunting. We don’t mouse hunt outside; we mouse hunt in our mudroom closet. The closet is where we store our grains for the chickens, dog food, and cat food. In other words, it’s a mouse’s paradise.

Everything has to be taken out of the closet and thoroughly inspected so that a mouse doesn’t hitch a ride out. Guess what Danny found in one of his coats?

Baby mice! Two adorable, squeaking, pink baby mice. Danny put them in a bucket to continue the hunt.

A minute later…

More! This time, there were four fuzzies and three pinkies.They were carefully transferred from my recycling bag to the bucket with the others.I was worried. I knew we would have to catch the mothers or they wouldn’t make it. I didn’t want them to die. So we continued the hunt. Three adult mice later, we had caught none. Zero. It was 11 PM, and we were tired. We left the mice in the bucket and put a recycling bag next to it. Danny’s theory was that the mama would come to take care of them, climb the bag, jump into bucket, and be trapped.

The next morning… only babies. But they were still alive. All day, I checked on them. I never saw a mama. But the babies were still okay. We left in the bucket overnight again. Wednesday morning, Danny led me into kitchen. The bucket was on the table. He had caught three mice! Two were females and one was a male. We weren’t sure if either of the females were mamas, but we figured we could watch them and see what happened.

Today, we have two females, three pinkies, and three fuzzies. I lost a mouse when moving them into a new container. Thankfully, it was the male, not a female. 

One female has a few white markings on her; she’s beautiful. She’s taking care of all of the babies. They’re so cute! They’re living beside my computer desk, so I hear lots of squeaking going on. I love having squeaky baby mice!


2 thoughts on “Squeaky Baby Mice”

  1. Didn’t your Daddy and Momma teach you that the only good mouse is a dead mouse? Bethany, you are ‘way too nice!!

  2. But they’re so cute! 🙂 We have mouse traps, but didn’t use them. It seems so awful to kill them. We put out sticky traps, thinking that we would relocate any that we caught, but that didn’t work well. The one mouse that a trap caught ended up being put in an aquarium and kept as a pet- that’s our circus mouse. What can I say? We love animals.

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