Picking Peaches

Yesterday we finally got down to the neighbor’s orchard to pick peaches.  It’s a nice orchard with peaches, apples, and pears, although the trees are sadly neglected and overgrown.  But neglected fruit trees are good for one reason.  We don’t have to worry about anything being sprayed on them.

The peach trees grow along the driveway at a three way intersection, with limbs hanging down to the ground.  If you drive through with your windows down, peaches will literally fall into your vehicle.

Because the trees haven’t been trimmed and the peaches weren’t thinned, they were so overloaded this year that many of the branches had broken and were laying on the ground.  Much of the fruit was undersized and under-ripe because the trees couldn’t ripen so many peaches.

But beggars can’t be choosers and we were thrilled to have a chance to pick all the free peaches we wanted.

Bella had a bag of her own to pick up drops.  She told me excitedly that she had five peaches in her bag.  I checked and found four.  She picked up one more and had seven.  Maybe math isn’t her strong suit….

Bethany decided to throw a peach to the steers next to the orchard.  I won’t say what happened, but I will say it’s a good thing peaches are relatively soft.

We picked and picked and picked and picked peaches until we suddenly realized we were out of bags and the back of the Jeep was full.  Then it occurred to us that we would have to find something to do with all the peaches.

Without an official measurement, I’m estimating 4-5 bushels.  We’re planning to  freeze most of them today.  We’ll also be keeping a bunch of seeds to plant our own peach trees.  More on the processing and planting processes later.

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