What To Do With Bushels of Peaches

What started out as a pleasant evening Picking Peaches turned into several not-so-pleasant evenings slicing, peeling, and freezing them.  Many of our peaches were past their prime and our rough handling of them didn’t help matters.  Far too many were bruised, rotting, and leaking.  Lesson learned.

We started by sorting the peaches into two categories – peaches that could wait, and peaches that needed to be frozen immediately.  Then we started cutting.

Bethany prefers to halve the peaches and peel them.  If they’re fairly ripe, the skins peel off.  If they’re not quite ripe, a knife is necessary.  I quartered mine because it seemed to make the skins peel more easily.

Most people recommend dipping the peaches in boiling water, then ice water, to loosen the skins.  We figured it was just as simple to do it our way.

We saved most of the peach pits.  We’ll plant some and do who-knows-what with the others.  I’ve heard they have small doses of cyanide in them.

Most of what we read recommended soaking the peaches in some sort of sugar or syrup before freezing.  We saw no reason to add more sugar to our diet so we just put the peeled peaches in bags and froze them.

We used up most of a freezer shelf for about half of our peaches.

Bella enjoyed fresh peaches in her yogurt while Bethany and I were cutting peaches.

Were the peaches worth the trouble?  Ask us in a couple months when the memories aren’t so fresh.

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