Labor Day Weekend

On Friday, my mom called to tell Bella that they were coming to visit.  As soon as we hung up the phone, Bella said, “Grandma is coming to bring me more Dora band-aids!”  Sure enough, she was.  Saturday morning Bella was decorated head to toe with various colored band-aids.  Not a single one covered a legitimate “boo-boo”.

Mom also brought along a box of washable (Thank goodness!) markers.  Yesterday, Bella got up from her nap looking like this:

The subsequent investigation uncovered a naked Ken, and 7 broken markers.

When asked why she broke all of her new markers, Bella pointed out the one blue marker still in the box.  For some reason, it was spared.

We couldn’t figure out how such a small child could break 7 markers so quickly and quietly until she showed us.

She stuck the tips through the hole where the knob was supposed to be, then bent the markers until they broke.  Who knew 2 year olds understood leverage?

I guess it was fun while it lasted!

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3 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend”

  1. I love being Bella’s grandma! And at the moment, I’m glad I’m in Michigan so I won’t get my son’s lecture on proper protocol for gifts from Grandma.

  2. She was pretty proud of herself for not destroying the blue marker. Like that made up for the other seven, somehow. We didn’t get a picture of it, but her tongue was the same color as her lips.

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