Ninja Warrior (The Blender, not the Show)

Danny is addicted to Woot. Like, loves it so much he checks it every day, without fail. But he also loves something else: Ninjas. I think (in his dream world) he’s a ninja. So when the Ninja Warrior Blender was on Woot for $30, he had to have it. But not just one. He bought three. The inner Ninja in him must have figured three would be handier than one. Though I don’t recommend using one of these in stealth mode. They’ll quickly give away your position.

My nifty new kitchen appliance (or Danny’s new Ninja weapon, depending on who you ask) arrived today. Thankfully it wasn’t a Christmas or birthday present, because I tore into the package as soon as it was placed on my table. This blender is AWESOME.

It comes with a hand-held stick blender (two pieces: blade half and power half), a food processing bowl, and a blending cup with storage lid and splash guard lid. The power head attaches to the processing bowl’s lid or to the blade for use with the blending cup (or a stock pot/pan for soups, gravies, etc.).

The processor bowl, lid, and power head.

Tonight, I made Strawberry Sorbet. Yum.

Strawberry Sorbet

  3 c frozen whole strawberries
 ⅔ c milk
¼ c maple syrup
Combine all ingredients in the food processing bowl (with blades already inserted). Place the lid onto the bowl and the power head onto the lid; make sure both are locked in place. Pulse the “on” button until the mixture begins looking smooth. Then press the “turbo” button to blend the sorbet until very smooth.
Remove the power head, lid, and blade assembly.

Tap the excess sorbet off of the blades. Scoop into bowls and enjoy!

Would I (or Danny, in this case) spend the $30 again to buy one of these? Oh, yes! It took about one minute to blend the sorbet. Earlier today we tested it with ice; it makes great ice “snow.” I also think it really mangle any evil take-over-the-world person who would happen to get in a Ninja’s way. But only if you remember your very long extension cord.

3 thoughts on “Ninja Warrior (The Blender, not the Show)”

  1. I seem to recall you falling in love with my ninja skills. And being pretty happy about Woot yourself. And loving the idea that we’ll sell the two extra blenders and get ours free.

    1. Yes, dear, I do love your ninja skills. They’re cute. And funny. (Wait. Are ninjas supposed to be cute?) Thank you for my (our) blender.

  2. That thing sounds awesome! If it truly turns ice to snow, I could be making my own frapuccino in no time! Consider your poor sister before you sell both of the extras…

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