What do tigers eat? And do you own a pair of “radio ear covers”?

During a discussion on tigers, Danny asked Bella if they ate antelopes. Bella answered “Yes.” When he asked her if she knew what an antelope was, she replied, “It’s like a watermelon.”

Get it? Antelope. Cantaloupe. She’s funny even when she isn’t trying to be!

She’s also imaginative. This evening, she informed me that she had “radio ear covers.” I was very confused, until I realized she was holding one square brown Lego up over each ear. She was “watching a movie” (it was a box) and she “didn’t want to hear everyfing,” she explained. I learned something new. Radio ear covers=wireless earphones.

We also, according to her, put the chicken in the freezer to get the blood that we don’t eat out of it. I have no clue how that clicks in her mind, but somehow it does.

It was an eventful day full of Bella-isms.


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