Bella’s newly found drawing abilities

Oh, can Bella ever draw! My little girl has been making so many masterpieces that the fridge is covered- and my sides hurt from laughing!
Daddy, Mommy, Bella, and Declan. Yes, my one of my arms is sprouting out of my neck. Declan is “sitting.” I think Bella’s knees are bent… or she has a broken leg? I’m not sure…
This is a caterpillar laying under the sun. They don’t eat strawberries (like the one she drew above the caterpillar’s head); they just look at them.

This is Baby Moses. Our story this week was about Moses in the river; part of her art/Bible project was to draw Moses. I helped her with the “basket”, but she did the rest.

Another caterpillar; this one has a butterfly friend.

A flower and a sun. A caterpillar is either climbing up the flower or attacking it. Maybe eating it?

So her drawings are those of a three-year old. She’s not van Gogh by any stretch of the imagination, but I am so enjoying her artwork!


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