On the Road Again

I didn’t die.  I’m not in a coma, and I didn’t lose my fingers in a tragic bowling accident.  I just haven’t gotten around to blogging.

I picked up a Precor 9.10 treadmill from the early 80s yesterday.  I’ve been passively watching for a treadmill on Craigslist, but most of what I found was overpriced, underbuilt, or sold before I could get to it.  I finally found the Precor a couple town over for free.  It was listed “for parts or repair.”  Turned out it was a simple and free fix so I now have a very nice free treadmill that’s older than me.

I hate running in the cold, so this treadmill might push me to run with a little more regularity.  As in, more than once every 3 months.  Mornings have been so cold lately that I haven’t had the motivation to get up and go, and the daylight in the evenings is so short I’d rather spend it doing other things.  But thanks to Craiglist, no more excuses.

I’ve been mostly running barefoot when I do run, but my form still isn’t correct.  I get pretty bad blisters after about a mile.  I know I’m over-striding and pushing off with my back foot, but knowing the problem and correcting it are two different things.  Once my 6 blisters heal, I’ll be back at it.


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