Bethany, knitting?!

Oh, yes. I am.

I posted twice before (here and here) about the adorable knit goat coats and how I really should learn to knit. So I am. I bought needles and gray yarn yesterday. I am making a scarf. And I’m totally doing it! It’s not perfect, I have some bugs I need to tweak (like the fact that my scarf has grown wider by 10 stitches. Hmmm.), but I’m doing it. My “teacher” is the Crafty Yarn Council website.

And (shhh! Don’t tell Danny!) I’m enjoying this!


3 thoughts on “Bethany, knitting?!”

  1. Bethany the reason that you are gaining stitches is that if you are doing the knit stitch only the yarn must be behind your work. Google viedo how to make knit stitches. If you need help give me a call.

    Grandma Mary

    1. I figured out how I was gaining stitches: at the beginning of each row (is that what it’s called?) I was knitting a stitch before picking up the first stitch with my needle. Tada!Instant add-a-stitch… to every row until I figured it out. 🙂 seeing your pretty basket weave on Friday really spurred me into learning this. so far, I’m not regreting it! Thanks for the offer of help. I’ll undoubtedly need it!

  2. Bethany,

    The Knit Witch on you tube is great. Go there and see how to do the knit stitch without gaining extra stitches. I was doing the same thing when I started knitting.

    Grandma Mary

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