Bella-isms: Spit Up and Green Beans

Bella has been even more entertaining that usual. A few days ago, she came from her room looking like this:

At least she was wearing the hat that fit (for once!).

As I was cleaning the kitchen yesterday, I heard, “Mom! Declan gave my baby a spit-up necklace!” And he did, indeed. Thanks to Declan, that baby doll had a lot of  “frosting.”

She wasn’t about to allow us a boring supper. “Mommy, did you bite this [snap green bean] to put it in this [stir-fry] for supper?” Yes. I totally bit the green bean, put in the stir fry, and served it to you. I also used my teeth to break the broccoli into small pieces. Wasn’t supper especially yummy tonight?

Where does she come up with these things?  I should write a book. Bella could make me a billionaire. If I don’t end up in a straight jacket first.

2 thoughts on “Bella-isms: Spit Up and Green Beans”

  1. Bethany,

    She is her mom’s daughter. You were always changing clothes until you Dad put a lock on your closet door,

    Grandma Mary

    1. She isn’t too bad about just changing for the fun of it. However, she makes very unique outfits from the few dress-up clothes she has!

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