Knitting Baby Booties

I have two friends who are pregnant, and decided to use my new mad skills to make booties for their babies. My first try turned out great! I was really happy with my stitches and how well I was able to read the pattern. Then I did a second take. The bootie was big enough to fit Bella.

Um, yeah, this will work. If my friends have 30 pound babies.

I was very sad, but I had been warned. There were many comments on the pattern (found here) that said the booties were big. Forewarned is forearmed, right? In case you are wondering, I used the same size needle AND yarn that the pattern specified.

So I sadly unravelled my beautiful project and started another pattern. The comments on this one said they turned out super small. Once again, I ignored the comments. (“How do these people not understand how to knit?” I thought to myself, again. “I know what I’m doing and can do this!” Pride goes before the fall. How many times do I need to learn that lesson before I… well, learn it?!) And I enthusiastically knit my bootie… in about 20 minutes. Why so fast? The bootie was so small, it wouldn’t even fit Bella’s doll. This time, it was my error. I didn’t use the specified yarn.

Two booties knitted, one too big, and one too small. I was afraid to try again. But I did. Aren’t they CUTE? Two booties in a little under two hours, and I am a slow knitter. I still need to add a ribbon bow on each, but I’m pleased. You can find the pattern here. It’s easy and fast and the booties are oh so adorable!






Have I learned my lesson? I hope so. From now on, I will read the comments and be willing to take advice!


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