Cloth Diapering Compilation: Stupendous!

Who would have thought? There is a compilation of cloth diaper patterns, how-to’s, materials, and more in Google Docs. If it hadn’t been for someone in our local Freecycle wanting wool, I’d never have found this document. I’ve been thinking about making homemade cloth diapers. We have enough to last two and a half days before I need to wash, but extra would be nice. Sometimes my wash day lands on Sunday, and I really like to use my Sunday afternoons resting, knitting, or watching documentaries with Danny. I have waterproof material that I bought specifically for making diapers, and… I never got around to it. Lately, I’ve wanted to steer to a more natural fiber for the diapers. I don’t want to drink out of plastic cups or store my food in plastic; why should I dress my baby in something plastic?

The suggested alternative made on freecycle was wool. I’m not going to post about all of wool’s tremendous properties right now (I want to do my own research first, not just copy and paste what someone else has said), but it looks like wool is going to be our new cloth diapering alternative. But where do you start? Do I copy the diapers I already have? Is there a pattern out there, somewhere on the internet, that I would like better? How do I find it? I’ll find it here, on this great chart: I am very thankful to the person who did the research, spent the time, and then placed this chart on the web for all who were desperately searching. Whoever you are, you deserve to be paid for all the time you put into your work. But thank you for making it free for others to use!

I don’t know which pattern I will use. I will debate with myself for a while before I decide. Until then, I have my starting point. And that makes the rest of the process a lot easier to handle.

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