Knit Hair Net

It is very hard to find a pattern for a knit hair net. Crocheted hair net… easy stuff. But knit? I found ONE pattern, but it was from 1940 and I didn’t care for it. So I made my own.

My idea of a hair net is this: something pretty and decorative that can cover my hair when I’m having a crazy hair day. Which happens all too often. (Like today!)  I love the old-fashioned hair nets with the big bows on top and have always wanted one. I know, I know… I’m so out of style. But I am in my style, and that’s right where I want to be.

For now, I’ll post a few pictures of how cute the net is, and I’ll post my pattern later. Sunday afternoon is supposed to be my relax time. 🙂

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Husband, father, jack-of-all-trades.

4 thoughts on “Knit Hair Net”

    1. I’m hoping to get it posted later today. Thanks for the feedback! Sometimes I think I must be the only one who likes it! 🙂

      1. I’m glad to hear it is working for you! I’d love to see a picture; if you don’t mind, I’d like to post the picture on the blog for others to see. 🙂

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