Making Spring/Summer Dresses

Danny and I went thrift store shopping Saturday, and I picked up lots of goodies. I have been scouring the internet for a simple chemise-style shirt pattern and a 50’s style dress pattern, but have had no luck. Guess what I found at a thrift store for $.35 each? A true vintage never-been used 50’s dress pattern and a chemise pattern. YAY! I almost did a little happy dance right there among the older ladies in the craft section! I’m going to change the shirt up a bit (no drawstring), but I’ll follow my dress pattern exactly… at least the first time. I also bought the coolest sheets to re-purpose into dresses and shirts for Bella and myself. My first project for me will be a dress using this sheet:Bella’s first dress is almost finished, and is made with the yellow flower fabric. I’m also going to make her a petticoat slip with lots of ruffles and puffiness. Every little girl needs a fluffy underskirt! For that matter, Mommy might need one, too. 🙂

In knitting news, I have six projects going on. A knit elephant for an Easter present, a knit-in-the-round (my first!) duck-to-bunny for an Easter present, a neck pillow, a bunny blanket, shoes for Declan (converse!), and a sweater is being deconstructed for yarn. It’s hard decide what to do next…

2 thoughts on “Making Spring/Summer Dresses”

    1. Thanks. They are just so perfect as a “blank sheet” (Ha! No pun intended!) for various projects. Sheets are wider than most fabrics, and if you shop at a thrift store, they are cheaper. 🙂

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