Spiders and Yellow Envelopes

For the past week and a half, my family has been ill. Not all at once, but one at a time. First Bella, then Danny, then Declan, then Bella again… and just when I thought I was going to bypass the flu, it hit me. Thankfully, I have a super duper husband who stayed home and helped me all but one day. He washed dishes, cooked, changed diapers, cleaned, did laundry… He did everything that I would do in a day and then some!

Even when feeling unwell, Bella is funny.

“Do you like to eat yellow envelopes?” she asked at supper one evening.

“Yellow envelopes?” Danny and I queried.

“Yes, yellow envelopes.”

After a few go-arounds, she clarified: “They’re kinda like watermelons.”

“Ooooh! Yellow cantaloupes!”

“Yes. Yellow cantaloupes!” She acted like she didn’t say it wrong for the past ten times. 🙂

We also have new artwork showing up. Her fine motor skills have improved drastically, and she’s constantly drawing chicken houses, spiders, and monkeys.

"I just drew a spider with legs, and eyes, and a smiley face, and a tongue." (Description by Bella.)


This chicken house has a door knob (no door), a window, a roof, and a... chimney (?) on top. Fancy living for these chickens!
Poor monkey. Six legs, no arms, crazy hair... at least he's smiling!








Poor monkey. Six legs, crazy hair, no arms... at least he's smiling.

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