Big Dogs

Big dogs are good at three things.  The first is fairly obvious.  They’re loyal, protective, intuitive and can come across as pretty menacing.  I don’t know of a better way to keep shady characters far away than having a big dog around.  Second, they eat a lot.  You’d think the food consumption would be proportional to size.  Not so.  A sixty pound dog eats at least four times as much as a thirty pound dog.  And watch your step in the yard because all that food has to go somewhere.  (This also helps deter the shady characters…  And the not so shady ones, too.)

The third, and lesser known, trait of big dogs is that they make great back rests when they’re napping in the sunshine.

All Creatures, Great and Small

Our two latest “pets” are caterpillars. One is a “woolly worm”; the other is wool-less one. Not sure what type he is. Anyone know? They live in half gallon jars in the kitchen.

Another fun find this week was bees. Bees, flowers, and a warm November day… who’d have thought?

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Finally, a Storage Solution

I don’t remember if we posted pictures before of our mud room closet/pantry/feed room.  When we still had the Freedom Rangers we usually had several hundred pounds of feed on hand, with the Rangers eating about 25 pounds a day.  The closet was always packed full of feed bags.  That also caused our mouse problem.

Today at Wal-Mart we found these awesome storage containers.  We bought 4 on impulse, and as soon as we got home with them, we wished we’d bought more.

They’re the perfect size to hold 100 pounds of feed.  On the bottom we have crumbles for the chickens next to scratch feed.  On top is cat food and sweet feed for the goats.  There’s just enough room under the shelf to keep an extra mineral block on top of the bins.

I’m not usually a big fan of storage bins.  They’re great for storage but impractical for daily use.  And if we don’t use it frequently, we probably don’t really need it.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  I have boxes of stuff I never use.  I’m working on it, alright?

In spite of my usual dislike for plastic bins, I love these things.  At $10 they’re a durable solution to an ongoing problem.  And certainly a lot easier to access than trying to reach the bottom of a 55 gallon drum.

Now I’m going outside to build a vapor carburetor for my mower.  Then I’ll give the dogs baths, and try to finish my chicken butchering post.  I know it’s way overdue, but cut me some slack.  I’ve been busy and sick – not a good combo.