The Newbies

Bonney and Curly Bill have two new friends: a Nigerian Dwarf doe and her doeling, who isn’t quite a doeling anymore. We drove to Elkton today (those 39 minutes that Google Maps said it would take? It felt more like hours!) to pick them up. The trip over was exciting we almost met a celebrity. Continue reading The Newbies


Welcome to the Roadkill Cafe

Don’t worry, Mom, we’re not that poor.  Yet.  The dogs, on the other hand..

...seem to think groundhog makes a pretty good meal.  A lesson learned from this:  If a meat is described as gamey, don’t cut it up in your kitchen.  Gamey is just a polite way of saying it stinks.


"I wear shoes when I go outside!"

As a child, I loved warm weather.  Everything I loved came with it- playing outside, lightning bugs, swimming, and going barefoot.  Being allowed to go without shoes was perfect;  the sense of touch is nothing if you don’t use your feet to experience it. The cool dirt between your toes, the just-mowed prickly grass, the soft dandelions- who needs shoes? Continue reading “Barefooting”

Goodbye, Facebook

We’ve decided to take a Facebook sabbatical.  We’ll leave our accounts active for now, but we won’t be using them with any regularity.  Facebook is probably a great thing for people who aren’t impulsive, compulsive, or obsessive.  We are, and have found ourselves wasting WAY too much time – and we don’t even play the games!

Anyway, we’re going to try to direct a small amount of our formerly Facebook time to this blog to keep family and friends (and the occasional slightly creepy stranger) updated on what we’re up to.  Instead of posting multiple substance-less status updates we’ll try to come up with one or two posts a week that will hopefully be worth reading.

Since we’ll both be posting, you’ll find everything from our childrens’ shenanigans to recipes to holistic remedies to how to build a chicken plucker.

Sit back and enjoy the show.