…as usual. Bella’s attitude is this: “if it can be done with Nikolai, it should be done with Nikolai.”

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Bella’s School

I haven’t updated on Bella’s schooling lately. We actually haven’t done much in the past two months. I decided to go with more of an “unschooling” approach than I had been. Bella liked school and wants to learn, so I thought she would ask to “do school,” as she puts it. My plan was to not do specific letter/color/number/etc. oriented teaching unless she asked, but to continue our usual baking/cooking/cleaning/life “teaching.”

My plan went awry.

It turns out that Bella is quite content to just play with Declan. She doesn’t ask to learn something new unless she is reading an alphabet book, in which case she wants me to teach her all of the letters right then. She also started “acting out” more often (Bella? Bad? Never!) and had way more unused energy. And with this two-month-long experiment, I learned something. I should have stuck with what we were doing. Yes, it took extra time. Yes, it took extra thought. Yes, sometimes we did skip a day or two because it just wasn’t fun or convenient then. But it worked.

Bella is the type of child who needs more structure than just the breakfast, lunch, nap, supper, bath, bedtime routine. I’m not going to plan our days down to the minute; no “math at 8:15, letters at 8:35, shapes and colors at 9:05” stuff for my family! However, I am going to have a plan for each week.

We are going back to school. Bella and I both need it!

Baby Doll Makeover (Befores and After!)

Bella’s baby started out a little wild-haired, but normal considering she belonged to a 1 year-old Bella.











And then tragedy struck. When we were cutting up and bagging chicken this past fall, Bella placed her favorite doll on the table… right in the raw chicken mess. Needless to say, Baby took a “bath” in the washing machine. Mindless Mommy proceeded to place baby in the dryer. Oops. Baby came out looking like this:


If you ask me, it wasn’t too much worse than it used to be. If you ask Bella, it was heartbreaking: Baby had no hair to play with. Bella received a new doll for Christmas, but Bella undressed that doll so that this baby could have her clothes. (Mommy had told her that the naked baby couldn’t leave the house. I, of course, didn’t want it to leave the house even with clothes- did you look at that hair?! ) During Declan’s birthday party, my Aunt, Mom, and I were discussing what to do about it.  We formed a plan: add a wig. We figured that we could probably find one at a doll-making shop or on Ebay. Later that same day, we went to thrift store and I found the solution.It’s a hair clip with hair on it! I bought it for $.99. I dismantled it and ended up with hair for her baby AND a new claw clip.








I tied the strings under Baby’s chin for now. Eventually I’ll shave the remaining hair from Baby’s head and glue the wig on. Baby looks just as crazy now as she did before, but Bella is happier. Baby now has a lot of hair to play with.


Bella’s Switcheroo

I tiptoed into the living room. The kiddos were silent (nap time; YAY!) and it was time for a blog post. I stopped short when I saw this:…and found the explanation when I looked here: She (apparently) now has her “own” computer desk. Now I think we need to find her a computer chair all her “own.” I’m not thrilled with the switch;  this yellow one is too uncomfortable for me.