Little Man calming the baby doll

“SHHHHH!” Bella said. “My baby is fussing, and I want her to sleep!”

So Declan stepped in. He took the baby on a sideways walk.

And then a backwards walk.

“Mommy! Declan did it! He made my baby go to sleep!”

What would Bella – and the baby – do without Little Man?


Ah! It’s going to get me!

At first, this odd-looking thing was interesting, something to yell at…...and follow.
But it quickly became a thing of terror.Something that you should run crawl from as though it were going to eat you. Oh, and don’t forget to make “monster faces” to scare it away.It looks so innocent… but looks can be deceiving!

Bella’s newly found drawing abilities

Oh, can Bella ever draw! My little girl has been making so many masterpieces that the fridge is covered- and my sides hurt from laughing!
Daddy, Mommy, Bella, and Declan. Yes, my one of my arms is sprouting out of my neck. Declan is “sitting.” I think Bella’s knees are bent… or she has a broken leg? I’m not sure… Continue reading Bella’s newly found drawing abilities

When I have two sick kids…

…I stay at home. Cuddle. Read books. Keep the Hyland’s cold formula and Echinacea flowing. And remember to be thankful for my husband for paying the Netflix bill each month.

It’s a sad kind of excuse to do absolutely nothing. But still. I hope they feel better soon. It’s just too quiet when they’re both half asleep.

Declan’s New Blanket

Danny’s mother sent a beautiful quilt for Declan. Bella received one when she little also; it’s her tradition to give the grand kids a homemade quilt. ┬áThe quilts are the perfect size: just large enough to play on, small enough to carry around, but not too small or too large for a baby/toddler. Continue reading Declan’s New Blanket