Cloth Baby Wipes/ Antibacterial Wipes Formula

My cloth baby wipes (and the wipes I use to wash Bonney’s udder, too!) are both soaked in the same water mixture. I did a lot of research into what I should wet my baby wipes with. For a long time, I used a water/lotion/soap combination. It worked well and smelled good, but still wasn’t quite what I wanted. I wanted more of an antibacterial wipe for when we were out and about; something I could clean a high chair in a restaurant, a dropped toy, or dirty hands with.

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Folding Pop-Up Cloth Wipes

While using my cloth wipes, I realized they were sticking to each other. I had been folding each cloth in half, then adding it to a stack of wipes. It was very annoying to have to use two hands to get a wipe out of the container every time I needed one. I don’t always have two free hands.

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