Oh-So Cute Baby Goats!

Yesterday morning, I suspected that Jeepers was going to have her babies very soon. She was being so quiet, and I could tell she was having sporadic contractions. When Danny arrived home from work, he helped me give her a pre-birth “haircut.” We timed it right! The baby monitor was on when we heard her first bleats. She seemed to have a little bit of trouble birthing her first, but she was upset about us moving her to the birthing pen and being there. She isn’t the tamest goat. But she is a great mother. She cleaned them up right away and watched us carefully. We penned them all up the milk house last night, and everyone was warm and toasty this morning.


Jeepers’ has Babies!

Jeepers had her babies tonight at about 9:30. We had the baby  monitor on and were able to see the birth. She had a black and white doeling and a brown and white buckling. The babies seem healthy and ALL are locked into the milking house with a heat lamp. (I learned my lesson!) Pictures will be up soon!

This is NOT how I want to start my kidding season…

We lost our brown and white spotted doeling last night. It was very cold, and the kids weren’t very good at staying close to Bonney. I’m heartbroken, of course, but it does happen. At first I was afraid Bonney wasn’t caring for the kids, but she’s seemed fine with the remaining one. Time will tell. I will be keeping a very close on Bonney and her baby; we don’t want to lose any more!

Speaking of the cold… I made simple “coats” for the babies last night, but Bonney pulled them off. So I’m thinking of learning to crochet. There’s an adorable crocheted coat that Bonney wouldn’t be able to take off of her babies. Until I learn, I am going to make a coat for the doeling with buttons. I highly doubt Bonney can manage a button!I’ll post pictures of the coat as soon as it is done. One way or another, I’m going to keep that baby warm tonight!

Bonney’s New Babies

When we did our daily Bonney check-up on Friday, we knew babies would be appearing soon. Poor Bonney looked like she swallowed a barrel. Bonney was checked almost hourly throughout Saturday. We even went so far as to put a baby monitor up last night- just in case.

The monitor is hanging on the door jamb near the top of the picture.

This afternoon, on an after-lunch check, we arrived just in time to see little hooves emerging. Bonney gave birth to a beautiful Nigerian dwarf-eared brown and white baby with brown spots. Shortly after, she delivered a dark brown Continue reading Bonney’s New Babies