Declan’s New Blanket

Danny’s mother sent a beautiful quilt for Declan. Bella received one when she little also; it’s her tradition to give the grand kids a homemade quilt.  The quilts are the perfect size: just large enough to play on, small enough to carry around, but not too small or too large for a baby/toddler. Continue reading Declan’s New Blanket


Why the Unexpected is Bad

We went apple buying today. I decided that I am going to make applesauce without sugar, and I might as well make it cheap. The orchard we went to doesn’t have apples pre-packaged in boxes; the buyer takes his own boxes or uses the supplied plastic bags. The apples are placed in large wooden bins about three feet deep. The buyer is allowed to choose which apples he wants from that bin. A version of pick-your-own without walking through the orchard.

Today, while choosing our apples, I overheard something that really shocked me. A lady walked up to the owner and asked for golden delicious apples. The owner told her which bins contained golden delicious, and told her the price– $10 per bushel.

The apples were on the small side. The weren’t waxed. They weren’t perfectly clean. Some had flaws. They were just what I wanted: cheap and unprocessed but plenty usable.

The lady didn’t want them. You could tell by the look on her face what she was thinking. Continue reading Why the Unexpected is Bad