Making Spring/Summer Dresses

Danny and I went thrift store shopping Saturday, and I picked up lots of goodies. I have been scouring the internet for a simple chemise-style shirt pattern and a 50’s style dress pattern, but have had no luck. Guess what I found at a thrift store for $.35 each? A true vintage never-been used 50’s dress pattern and a chemise pattern. YAY! I almost did a little happy dance right there among the older ladies in the craft section! I’m going to change the shirt up a bit (no drawstring), but I’ll follow my dress pattern exactly… at least the first time. I also bought the coolest sheets to re-purpose into dresses and shirts for Bella and myself. My first project for me will be a dress using this sheet:Bella’s first dress is almost finished, and is made with the yellow flower fabric. I’m also going to make her a petticoat slip with lots of ruffles and puffiness. Every little girl needs a fluffy underskirt! For that matter, Mommy might need one, too. 🙂

In knitting news, I have six projects going on. A knit elephant for an Easter present, a knit-in-the-round (my first!) duck-to-bunny for an Easter present, a neck pillow, a bunny blanket, shoes for Declan (converse!), and a sweater is being deconstructed for yarn. It’s hard decide what to do next…


Knit Hair Net

It is very hard to find a pattern for a knit hair net. Crocheted hair net… easy stuff. But knit? I found ONE pattern, but it was from 1940 and I didn’t care for it. So I made my own.

My idea of a hair net is this: something pretty and decorative that can cover my hair when I’m having a crazy hair day. Which happens all too often. (Like today!)  I love the old-fashioned hair nets with the big bows on top and have always wanted one. I know, I know… I’m so out of style. But I am in my style, and that’s right where I want to be.

For now, I’ll post a few pictures of how cute the net is, and I’ll post my pattern later. Sunday afternoon is supposed to be my relax time. 🙂

Knitting Baby Booties

I have two friends who are pregnant, and decided to use my new mad skills to make booties for their babies. My first try turned out great! I was really happy with my stitches and how well I was able to read the pattern. Then I did a second take. The bootie was big enough to fit Bella.

Um, yeah, this will work. If my friends have 30 pound babies.

I was very sad, but I had been warned. There were many comments on the pattern (found here) that said the booties were big. Forewarned is forearmed, right? In case you are wondering, I used the same size needle AND yarn that the pattern specified.

So I sadly unravelled my beautiful project and started another pattern. The comments on this one said they turned out super small. Once again, I ignored the comments. (“How do these people not understand how to knit?” I thought to myself, again. “I know what I’m doing and can do this!” Pride goes before the fall. How many times do I need to learn that lesson before I… well, learn it?!) And I enthusiastically knit my bootie… in about 20 minutes. Why so fast? The bootie was so small, it wouldn’t even fit Bella’s doll. This time, it was my error. I didn’t use the specified yarn.

Two booties knitted, one too big, and one too small. I was afraid to try again. But I did. Aren’t they CUTE? Two booties in a little under two hours, and I am a slow knitter. I still need to add a ribbon bow on each, but I’m pleased. You can find the pattern here. It’s easy and fast and the booties are oh so adorable!






Have I learned my lesson? I hope so. From now on, I will read the comments and be willing to take advice!

Bethany, knitting?!

Oh, yes. I am.

I posted twice before (here and here) about the adorable knit goat coats and how I really should learn to knit. So I am. I bought needles and gray yarn yesterday. I am making a scarf. And I’m totally doing it! It’s not perfect, I have some bugs I need to tweak (like the fact that my scarf has grown wider by 10 stitches. Hmmm.), but I’m doing it. My “teacher” is the Crafty Yarn Council website.

And (shhh! Don’t tell Danny!) I’m enjoying this!