Laundry day…

…is more fun for Bella than it is for me. I have a great little helper! (As long as I don’t care about how things are folded.)













My new washing machine…

… is so beautiful!

I am hoping the clothes become as clean and pretty as the machine. If it doesn’t, we’re not out much. We paid $40 for the washer (asking price $35), a hand-crank meat slicer (asking price was $10), and a box of records ($1/$.50 each for around 40). The washer rode home on its side in the back of the Jeep. (I LOVE having a Jeep!) My old washing machine was given to us; we used it for a little over two years. And it is already taken apart to build a chicken plucker, so there’s no going back now.


Here goes another all-day laundry day, off to a perfect start!