Peaches & Cream Coffee Cake

I recently came across Chickens in the Road‘s Strawberries & Cream Coffee Cake recipe, and it looked oh-so-good. Of course, like always, I can never make something the way it’s written. I have a ton of peaches in my freezer and wanted to use them up. So I began to think…

Why not make this coffee cake with peaches? Change this a bit, add that… and the Peaches & Cream Coffee Cake was born. Please! Please, check out Suzanne McMinn’s recipe. She was the one who had made this recipe to begin with!

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What To Do With Bushels of Peaches

What started out as a pleasant evening Picking Peaches turned into several not-so-pleasant evenings slicing, peeling, and freezing them.  Many of our peaches were past their prime and our rough handling of them didn’t help matters.  Far too many were bruised, rotting, and leaking.  Lesson learned.

We started by sorting the peaches into two categories – peaches that could wait, and peaches that needed to be frozen immediately.  Then we started cutting.

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If I Ever See Another Peach…

Sorry we haven’t posted much recently.  Turns out 5 bushels of peaches is way too much to take on when you have a hundred animals and a Bella to keep up with.  At least Declan isn’t ambulatory yet.

Anyway, the peaches are finally all cut, peeled, bagged, and frozen.  I’ll post soon about how we cut them up since we apparently didn’t follow the conventional method.  Right now, though, I’d rather sleep.