What’s in your dog food?

For the last couple years, we’ve tried to eat a healthy, natural diet.  It’s been a progression as we learn more and more and figure out what things are worth the time and money, and which aren’t.  Our diet is far from perfect, but at least we’re headed the right direction.

A few months ago, it occurred to us that while we were trying to feed ourselves the right foods, we were feeding Dee-Oh-Jee, our Australian Kelpie, a diet of processed, hard to digest grains, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and low quality animal byproducts of unknown origin.  In short, we were feeding him food that we would never eat ourselves. Continue reading What’s in your dog food?


Welcome to the Roadkill Cafe

Don’t worry, Mom, we’re not that poor.  Yet.  The dogs, on the other hand..

...seem to think groundhog makes a pretty good meal.  A lesson learned from this:  If a meat is described as gamey, don’t cut it up in your kitchen.  Gamey is just a polite way of saying it stinks.