Peanut Butter French Toast

Bella loves peanut butter. She eats peanut butter in or on everything- bread, yogurt, apples, bananas… she’s asked for peanut butter with berries. So when I came across a recipe for peanut butter french toast, I knew we had to try it. For Bella’s sake.

Turns out, peanut butter french toast is great. I’ve had it with maple syrup, vanilla syrup, and cream cheese and jam. If you like peanut butter and you like french toast, you will love this recipe!

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The raw milk Rawesome Foods raid

I am loving my fresh raw milk and I believe everyone should have the right to drink raw milk if they believe it’s healthier than the overly processed liquid sold in stores.

The Raw Milk Controversy

My family drinks raw milk. We have a family goat, Bonney, who gives us a daily supply of fresh, sweet, healthy milk. I firmly believe raw milk is the best milk. But according to the FDA, “Milk and milk products provide a wealth of nutrition benefits. But raw milk can harbor dangerous microorganisms that can pose serious health risks to you and your family.”

This week, the Weston A. Price Foundation posted a new Press Release concerning raw milk on their website.  I have emphasized a few of the facts in the following article rather than writing too much about it.

Bonney's raw milk with cream at the top: HEALTHIER than pasteurized milk.

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