A Foggy, Dewy Morning

This morning has been chilly and damp, but those are the best mornings for…

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Clothesline Spiders

Not a laundry day goes by that I don’t find spiders and their webs on my clothesline. Today’s find was the best yet.

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I was so astounded that I went a little overboard taking pictures. But isn’t that just amazing? Spiders tend to give me little chills, but they still absolutely intrigue me.

Wanted: Pine boughs and spiders

I hate flies. I detest flies.  I abhor flies. I loathe flies. I… I think you get the picture. Why do I dislike them so much? The answer is simple: their offspring. Maggots. I shudder every time I think about them. They are nasty, vile creatures.

My solution? Pine boughs and spiders.


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