Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Another bread recipe? Yep. We eat a lot of whole wheat bread. Everyone in our family has their own favorite way of eating this bread. Bella likes it plain or with butter. I like it with cream cheese. Danny eats his with butter or cream cheese. It also makes GREAT french toast!

Cinnamon Swirl Bread
    1     loaf’s worth of prepared Soaked Whole Wheat dough that has gone through                  the first rising
    2 T cinnamon
3-4 T honey

Cheese Bread

If there is something that I like better than regular homemade bread, it’s cheesy homemade bread. The recipe is very simple if you already have frozen soaked whole wheat flour. I follow the basic recipe for Soaked Flour Whole Wheat Bread, with a few small changes.

Soaked Flour Whole Wheat Bread (Recipe!)

The reason why I soak my grains is explained in “Is Your Flour Wet?” a free e-book available from Kitchen Stewardship.  I’m not going to take the time to re-write the whole explanation now. Suffice it to say that soaking your grains/flour begins the process of breaking them down so our bodies can better use the nutrients available in the grains.

When I make bread, I really make bread. I soak enough flour to make about 9-10 loaves at a time. My newest plan is soaking my flour, then separating 3 cup portions into individual loaf pans and freezing them.  Before, I made the dough into loaves after the first rising and froze those loaves before the second rising. When I want bread, I thaw one portion per loaf on the counter. I allow it to come to room temperature, then proceed with adding the yeast mixture.  I will first give the recipe that I follow. At the bottom of this post I will put a smaller recipe. The pictures show exactly how things should look. If you haven’t made bread before, DEFINITELY make the smaller recipe first!!! Continue reading Soaked Flour Whole Wheat Bread (Recipe!)